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Katie Mullaney, LCAT

Emotions exist as energy moving through the body. Unpleasant emotions such as (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, anger and including trauma are energies which contract in the body. If and when these energies are not expressed they are trapped in the body, causing illness to the body, mind, and/or spirit. 

Katie offers effective tools to strengthen your emotional intelligence and resilience through mindful and somatic based therapy techniques. She works collaboratively with you on your journey of growth and healing. Become mindfully aware of how you experience emotional energies in your body. Create imagery to identify and explore your relationship to your energy/emotional experiences. Katie works with you to shift any unwanted emotional energy so it may move through your body from where it was one stuck.

As you work with Katie you will gain skills in recognizing shifts in your emotional states, in the moment. This will assist you with identifying emotional triggers as well as helpful coping skills. With these new skills in your tool box, Katie's hope is that you feel more empowered and in control of your emotions, allowing you to live a more expanded and fulfilled life. 

Katie has been practicing in the field of mental health counseling since 2009 with a license in Creative Arts Therapy. She has experience working with individuals of all ages in settings such as a therapeutic day school, an outpatient substance abuse clinic, an outpatient mental health clinic, inpatient acute psychiatric care and private practice since 2017.

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